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2014 02 27 QKoncert: The Deep End. Crónica

.- 2014 02 28 QKoncert: The Deep End. Gira

.- The Deep End presentación


.- The Deep End. Bigger, Better, Badder

.- 2014 02 28 QKoncert: The Deep End. Fotos

   (con fotos de David, Frías, el Cuco y otros)

.- 2014 02 28 1 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 2 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 3 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 4 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 5 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 6 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 7 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 8 QKoncert: The Deep End.

.- 2014 02 28 9 QKoncert: The Deep End.


Righto, so let me set the scene here... It's Thursday and were driving down dirt roads to get to the "village" were playing in that night. A quick search on Google soon tells us that Aldea De San Miguel has a population of only 220, and as we enter the village centre it's what I imagine the most desolate parts of New Mexico look like. I spotted a bloke herding some sheep down the street and two stray cats fucking. Nothing else. Not another soul around except us. Things don't get any better when we arrive at the venue. It was a great little local bar but the stage was barely a drum riser. With zero expectations of anything more than a couple of pissed off neighbours rocking up to pull the plug we set up and then had the most amazing dinner with some of the most hospitable and lovely people we've met yet, were welcomed back to their place for a great siesta in a PROPER BED and then went to check out the only local band's rehearsal with a few cerveza's in between. Okay, so the gig is gonna be shithouse, but were living the dream either side of the show...

Nek minnut, we can't even get into the fucking bar because there are too many crazy local rockers inside and more lining up to get in outside! Where the fuck did all these people come from?! We eventually got up on the drum riser and smashed out one of the craziest, most fun and vibing shows EVER with a room full of passionate rock n' rollers standing shoulder to shoulder going nuts! Being a small village, the nearest police station is miles away and basically everyone from the village was at the show, so all laws and rules were out the window and the bar was more or less drunk dry and the room was just a mist of smoke! No idea where we got the energy for it but we partied and jammed with all the amazingly friendly locals till dawn!

Never judge a book by its cover and expect ANYTHING.

Aldea De San Miguel: De puta madre! Gracias!

The Deep End




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